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Product description

Around most factories and industrial installations, the perimeter fences that have been installed were chosen by architects or other designers, according to the nature of the region or even the country where they are located. Most of these perimeter fences are exposed and can be very easily bypassed. For this purpose, Amodel Security has developed the “Upgrade” system, that allows implementing in a very simple, easy and in a modular way our unique electronic fencing systems into the existing fences, using an “Open Design” concept and allowing to improve the security level in an ultimate way, while completely integrating into the existing infrastructure.

Systems for Factories and Industrial Installations:

1. D-Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
2. D-Corative Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
3. D-Pressure Strip Intrusion Detection System
4. DF-2100 Electronic Concertina Intrusion Detection System
5. Electronic Field Fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
6. Electronic Welded Mesh Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
7. D-Bolt Security System
8. Computerized Control Center