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Product description

The massive transition around the word to high-rises and sky scrapers, including luxury buildings, brings with it new security threats which in most cases is addressed by security guards at the entrances and lobbies of the buildings but not inside the apartments and/or terraces. The threat of an intrusion and the passage between balconies and terraces led Amodel Security to the design and development of quality decorative systems and products that don’t create false alarms and that can be integrated with the architectural design with an “Open Design” concept, providing maximum security to the residents and the property owners.

Systems for Buildings, High-rises, office and apartment towers:

1. D-Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
2. D-Corative Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
3. D-Pressure Strip Intrusion Detection System
4. Electronic Field Fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
5. Electronic Welded Mesh Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
6. D-Bolt Security System
7. Computerized Control Center