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Product description

The issue of providing protection for remotely located installations, big or small, like Cellular Antenna, civil or military Telecommunication Stations, Electrical towers and posts, etc., that are frequently exposed to vandalism by hostile elements, terrorist activities or criminal elements. Disabling or damaging them can cause heavy damages like communication blackouts or disruption in the electricity supply as well as damages on a national political level. Amodel Security has developed security systems that are vandalism proof in several levels, that include perimeter protection for these installations in several “security circles”, according to the level of threat. The systems include electronic fences, electronic bolts and anti-vandalism gates.

Systems for Antenna and Telecommunication station Security:

1. D-Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
2. Electronic Field Fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
3. DF-2100 Electronic Razor Wire Concertina
4. Electronic Welded Mesh Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
5. D-Bolt Security System
6. D-Ground Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
7. Computerized Control Center