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Airport Security

Product description

The security and protection of airports is one of the most challenging subjects for Security Experts around the world. The combination of technology and personnel in a noisy and dynamic environment constitutes a very big technological challenge because of the need to create systems that integrate multiple technologies, in several security circles. Amodel Security has developed and created the First Circle, a very important circle that encloses the airport along very big lengths. The systems withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as the noise from airplanes, shock waves, vibrations and tremors, RF transmission, etc. The experience accumulated in this field and the products developed by Amodel Security can be used by architects and security integrators with the objective to provide protection and security to airports around the world.

Systems for Airport Security:

1. D-Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
2. D-Corative Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
3. DF-2100 Electronic Concertina Intrusion Detection System
4. Electronic Field Fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
5. Electronic Welded Mesh Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
6. D-Bolt Security System
7. D-Ground Security System
8. Computerized Control Center